BC’s political parties are in flux, get involved!

2011 January 11, by Chapter Council

You might be aware that both of BC’s major parties are currently in the process of selecting new leaders. As Organizing for Change points out, this is a unique opportunity to have your voice be heard in the process. We have reproduced their message in full below. Join a party, make sure that voices of environmental and social justice get heard. There are many issues at stake here.

Both major provincial parties will be choosing a new leader in the next few months. This is an unprecedented opportunity to be part of selecting leaders who may be the Premiers of BC for much of the next decade. As such, they will be the key decision makers who decide what steps BC will take to protect its precious environment – or what steps BC will take to further degrade it.

As a British Columbian who cares about our wildlife, forests, fish, clean water, oil-free coasts and climate impacts, we urge you to help make the environment a decisive leadership issue for both parties.

Party leadership is decided on by members. Find out how you can be one of the few who will make a choice that could count for a decade. Cut off dates are fast approaching so act now!

Organizing for Change will be sending you candidate responses to key environmental questions prior to the voting days. If you are a member of one of the parties selecting new leadership, this will help you select the candidate that you believe will be the best environmental champion for BC. If you’re not yet a member of a party, but want to have a say, click here to find out how you can.

We are in a unique position: the choices we make now will have a profound impact on the future of our province. Now is the time to make sure British Columbians are represented by leaders who put the environment at the top of the agenda.