Victoria Rally Against Election Fraud Sunday 2 PM

2012 March 08, by Chapter Council

Sunday 11th of March –  Meet at 2 PM Centennial Square – March to the Legislature
Victoria, Coast Salish and Lekwungen Territories
Speakers include Rose Henry, Briony Penn, Ken Wu and Paul Summerville

The Victoria Chapter of the Council of Canadians is proud to support this grassroots “RALLY AGAINST ELECTION FRAUD”

Bring everyone you know and join us in demanding a full and independent inquiry into this possible fraud, and insisting that the consequences of any culpability match the seriousness of the crime. An Angus-Reid survey indicates that most Canadians believe robo-calls were used broadly. Half of Canadians (50%)—including 61 per cent of Quebecers—believe that every riding that was the subject of misleading robocalls should have a by-election as soon as possible, and four-in-five respondents (81%) want to hold an independent investigation to find out exactly who was behind any misleading robocalls that may have been made in the May 2011 federal election. – Angus Reid Survey

Mounting evidence of fraudulent robo-calls, impersonations of Elections Canada staff and other deliberate attempts to deceive voters in the 2011 federal election have struck at the very heart of our democracy and shaken Canadians to the core. – Council of Canadians

The “robocalls” appeared to be designed to stop non-Conservative voters from casting ballots in key ridings by falsely telling voters that the location of their polling stations had changed, causing them to go to the wrong location on election day. This news casts doubt on the legitimacy of their majority Government. The Conservatives only narrowly won their majority by 6,201 votes in 14 ridings. – Leadnow

The robo-call fraud may have originated right here on Vancouver Island during the 2008 election in the Saanich-Gulf Islands Riding. Briony Penn’s narrow defeat was aided by misleading, untraced calls made to NDP supporters urging them to vote for an NDP candidate that was no longer in the race – Briony Penn – I was the first victim of robocalls.

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