Event Announcements – Oct 17

2013 October 17, by Chapter Council

A short list of events of interest to Council of Canadians members and the public

7pm Thurs. Oct. 17 at 2994 Douglas (BCGEU Hall)
Latin America & the Caribbean: Political, Economic and Cultural Changes of the 21st Century

Panel presentation with

Cuban Consul General, Javier Dómokos Ruiz
Venezuelan Consul General, Merli Vanegas
Salvadoran Consul General, Lucia Helena

eventsEconomic policies imposed by the U.S. in the Americas have failed. Millions of people were left in poverty with no hope for a better future. The 21st century is witnessing a peoples’ movement in the Americas like never before: progressive governments are being elected; revolutionary policies are being installed; great changes are ensuing.
Join us to hear our guests present an up to date account of these changes – what has been accomplished by them and what the future may hold.

Admission by donation

Sponsored by Victoria Friends of Cuba and El Salvador FMLN Victoria Committee

Theatre for Living (formerly Headlines Theatre) in collaboration with Praxis Theatre Collective presents Corporations in our Heads in Victoria: David Diamond
Part of a BC/Alberta Tour

The voices of corporations tell us hundreds of times a day, in ways we may not notice anymore, what to buy, how to feel, how to perceive and the kind of person to aspire to be. How do we break deeply ingrainedpatterns? Can we use the theatre to become aware of these messages, and to change our relationships to them, to live healthier and more sustainable lives with each other, with ourselves, and with the planet?

Theatre for Living continues a 32-year legacy of innovative and challenging theatre with a new project about the corporate messages that live within the community consciousness. No actors. No play. No script. Theatre without a net.

We are touring a process in which the whole evening of theatre emerges from the audience. Each night is focused on identifying the corporate messages that are present in our psyche and seeking ways to change our relationship to those messages that are healthier for us as individuals, as living communities and as a result for the planet. Sounds heavy, but it’s a great deal of fun and no one is forced to participate!

Corporations in our Heads hopes to be more than just an investigation – we have a desire to move into transformative action! By making each event relevant, at a grassroots level, our hope is that each unique community along with the local organizers can then use that momentum to move forward on community issues.

*Fri, Oct 18, 7.30pm at David Lam Auditorium, UVic (3800 Finnerty Road)
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*Sat, Oct 19, 7:00pm at First Metropolitan United Church (932 Balmoral Road)
Invite your friends to the event on Facebook
For more info: 778.977.3180.
Admission by donation.

Theatre for Living gratefully acknowledges: Canada Council for the Arts+ Catherine Donnelly Foundation+ City of Vancouver+The Province of British Columbia+ British Columbia Arts Council+ The Georgia Straight+ Vancouver Co-Op Radio