Leila Darwish, Regional campaigner

Local council AGM

We had our Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, June 11th. The highlight of the evening was meeting one of two new…


Join us for a discussion of BC’s Water Act

Thursday April 17. Join a community discussion-cafe on future of BC water. Excerpts from the film “Troubled Water” and a video on water taken for fracking. Bharat Chandramouli, Council of Canadians on issues concerning BC’s pending “Water Sustainability Act”.

We’re expanding our author base

Lately we’ve been behind on posting. There’s a lot going on in the world of politics. And there’s lots going on in our personal lives. So we thought that we would grow the team and share the responsibility. It can be a little intimidating to publish on the web. But it’s our hope that we […]

Signals and Dangers

If you missed our recent “Signals and Dangers” event on the issues surrouding privatization of our public educaton, or if would like to relive the engaging and excellent talks by our speakers, here they are, a big thanks to Pasifik.ca