Win!: BC Government rejects Enbridge Northern Gateway Proposal.

2013 May 31, by Chapter Council

B.C. says it cannot support the controversial Northern Gateway pipeline as presented because the project has not been able to address environmental concerns. The provincial government issued a news release Friday morning, saying it had made its final written submission to the joint review panel. “British Columbia thoroughly reviewed all of the evidence and submissions made to the panel and asked substantive questions about the project including its route, spill response capacity and financial structure to handle any incidents,” said Environment Minister Terry Lake.

via GlobalNews

This is an important step, and a direct result the thousands of First Nations people and BC residents who spoke up and marched time and again. This is the time to stand with the First nations whose land and livelihood this pipeline will threaten. Remember that the BC government gave up its decision making process to the Harper government, and the Harper government changed its review process to give itself the power to overrule the Joint Review Panel. So, this is a partial victory. Much more work needs to be done on Enbridge and continuing to maintain pressure federally. The Joint Review Panel is not bound by this opinion, but BC has spoken loud and clear.

We need the government to come through equally vocally on the Kinder Morgan pipeline. The same spill risks and climate change impacts are at play.