AGM May 22: Let’s talk about CETA and celebrate Victoria’s resolution

2012 May 17, by Chapter Council

We invite all members and interested public to the Council of Canadians, Victoria Chapter Annual AGM
When: Tuesday May 22, 6:30-830 PM
Where: Victoria West Community Centre: 521 Craigflower Road, Esquimalt Territories.


  • Marianne Alto, Victoria City Councillor on CETA, and Victoria’s strong resolution asking for a permanent exemption from CETA
  • Doug Sprenger of  CUPE on trade agreements and buy local
  • Elizabeth May on Trade Agreements and CETA
  • Business Meeting: Reports and election of officers
  • Short Film on CETA
  • Break with Coffee, Tea, Fruit, Bread & Cheese
  • Discussion & Where do we go from here on CETA
  • 8:30 Adjournment


The Canada-Europe Trade Agreement is the first “free” trade agreement negotiated by the Canadian government that reaches the municipal level of government. Under trade agreement reciprocity rules, this means that all parties in all other trade agreements negotiated by Canada, including NAFTA, can claim the same rights as European corporations under CETA. This fact alone has huge implications to CETA’s reach and unparalleled breadth. For more information, check out our CETA links page at

The Victoria City Council passed a strong resolution on May 10, 2012 asking for a clear and permanent exemption from all aspects of CETA, and urging the federal government to protect local jobs and municipal autonomy. The full text of the resolution can be found at .


  1. City Council ask the Province of British Columbia for a clear, permanent exemption for the City of Victoria from the Canada-European Union (EU) Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA); and
  2. City Council ask the Federal Government to protect the autonomous powers of the City of Victoria – to create local jobs, protect the environment, and provide services and programs as it sees fit – from any restrictions to those powers in the CETA; and
  3. City Council ask the Federal Government to further exempt from the CETA any municipality that so requests; and
  4. City Council encourage and support the Federation of Canadian Municipalities in its work with the Federal Government to change the terms of the draft CETA to protect the autonomy of municipal governments

The Saanich City Council has also expressed its concerns over CETA (, and we would like to urge them to take it further and join Victoria in passing a strong resolution asking for exemption from CETA.