miners and community members stage a protest in Guatemala

EVENT: South America and Canadian Mining

2011 October 26, by Chapter Council

Support Central American Communities Impacted by Canadian Mining

Tuesday November 1 7-9pm GVPL Central Library meeting Room 735 Broughton St., Coast Salish Territories. (Map)

Join Grahame Russell, human rights lawyer and Director of the non-profit RIGHTS ACTION http://www.rightsaction.org

Hear about the links between Canadian Mining, investment and pension funds. Understand the human toll for indigenous and campesino communities in Guatemala and Honduras whose rights and environmental wellbeing are afflicted. Learn how YOU can take action.

The Council of Canadians has previously commented on the blatant violation of environmental and health norms in Guatemala by Goldcorp and demanded a shutdown of Goldcorp’s Merlin mine.

“Impunity in Guatemala – from the local to the national levels – is a well-documented, devastating phenomenon that dates back generations, and continues today,” says Grahame Russell of Rights Action. “However, the impunity with which Goldcorp operates is not only a Guatemalan phenomenon. It is profoundly a Canadian phenomenon. The federal government must step in to prevent similar abuses of other Canadian mining companies.”

For further information contact: Sharlene- 250-385-5415

Image from Thirstyboots07 Flickr Stream used under a Creative Commons License.