Join us for a discussion of BC’s Water Act

2014 April 10, by Chapter Council


Thursday, April 17 at Crumsbys Schoolhouse Cafe, 4525 W Saanich Rd, W̱SÁNEC territories.  Open 6:30pm for coffee, tea, snacks.  Film and speaker beginning at 7pm (sharp), roundtable after 8pm.  Please RSVP ( if you are interested, for updates, and because space is limited to 30-something.


Public trustLiving on the “wet coast”, it’s easy to think of water in limitless abundance.  Maybe too much abundance?!  Province-wide it’s a different story.  There’s vastly greater industrial withdrawal of water from lakes and rivers and from underground.  Most of this water is “taken” for free without even reporting how much is “taken”.  Activities like fracking contaminate vast amounts of surface and subsurface water, while dumping of hazardous wastes threaten watersheds.  As BC plans to update its water act for the first time in over 100 years, these issues are important now and will be even more important in the future.

Join a community discussion-cafe on future of BC water.  We’ll watch excerpts from the film “Troubled Water” and a video on water taken for fracking.  Bharat Chandramouli, Council of Canadians, provides background on issues concerning BC’s pending “Water Sustainability Act”.  We encourage roundtable participation. Here’s what we thought of the act proposals back in November.