July 18: Day of Action in Victoria for a 2014 Health Accord

2012 July 16, by Chapter Council

July 18, 2012: 12:00 PM until 1:30 PM

The Victoria Council of Canadians, a member of the South Islands Health Coalition will be taking part in the BC Health Coalition’s National Day of Action for a 2014 Health Accord.  This Day of Action was organized by The Canadian Health Coalition and The Council of Canadians.    We want the provinces to work together to get the federal government back to the negotiating table so they can get down to the work of creating a new health accord for all Canadians.

The South Islands health Coalition is organizing the Victoria Day of Action and would like to have 25 to 30 people holding red umbrellas and signs saying “Medicare It’s got you Covered” and other phrases expressing our need for a new Health Accord in 2014.  We will be doing some interesting flash mobs.   Please come and be a part of our street action?

We will meet on Belleville at the corner of Menzies. The BCNU bus will be parked there at 11:00 AM and will act as our headquarters.  I hope most participants will be there by 11:30 AM.   At that time we will organize ourselves into groups for our street action and flash mobs using our red umbrellas and signs.  We will do the flash mobs near the Legislative Grounds and give out leaflets that talk about the need for a new Health Accord.

Why a Day of Action?

“The federal government is turning its back on health care at a time when we need our elected leaders to help build a caring future for Canada. The current federal-provincial-territorial agreement on health care will end in 2014 and the federal government has walked away from the negotiating table with the provinces before negotiations have even started.

Some provinces have already come forward in opposition to the federal government’s actions. If the provinces work together to get the federal government back to the negotiating table, they can get down to the work of creating a new accord and building a caring future for health care in Canada. The premiers are meeting in Halifax July 25-27 to discuss health care. We need them to join together with people across Canada in calling for a new health accord.
Join up with organizations and individuals across the country to organize a Day of Action on July 18. This action will show that people across Canada are standing together for a strong public health care system to support a caring future for Canada, not line-of-credit health care that few of us can afford. Communities across the country and B.C. are already organizing local actions. ”