Street Ruckus 4 Wild Salmon – Mon June 18th

2018 June 12, by Chapter Council

The Council of Canadians Victoria chapter is co-sponsoring this important action. See you in the streets! Monday June 18 at 4:30 to 7pm. Starting on Victoria’s Inner Harbour at Government and Wharf Streets (beside the Tourist Info Centre).

Pulling Salmon Protectors together for this procession through the downtown streets on June 18th, 2 days before the leases on 20 fish farms expire up island on the migratory routes of the Salmon. This is such an important moment to stand together for Indigenous food sovereignty and survival of wild salmon and the sacred coastal web of life they support.

So, for those who can make it out join Chief Ernest Alfred and Salmon Warriors from the frontline fish farm occupations as we take to the downtown streets at rush hour in the provincial seat of colonial power with Sockey the 16′ Sockeye Mascot, drums, pots and pans, banners and the spirit of resistance and solidarity to support the Salmon Nation Declaration and to urgently demand that the disease and parasite-infested open-net pen fish farms decimating wild salmon, be removed from the marine environment in unceded territorial waters, once and for all!

With only two days before the June 20th expiry of provincial government tenures for 20 of the 22 foreign-owned, fish farms operating without local Indigenous consent in the Broughton archipelago, this is crunch time and a window of opportunity for the Province to act on their promise to protect wild salmon and respect Indigenous rights– and to outrightly revoke these tenures.

We will gather at the tourist information centre and march through the streets, with a visit to the Forests, Lands and Natural Resources Operations (FLNRO) who make the decision on the fate of these fish farm tenures. We will end up at the Legislature for a drum circle. Please bring signs and drums!

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