Annual General Meeting, April 8, 2009

2009 April 18, by Chapter Council

We began the evening with a delicious supper that we shared with about 21 people who attended the AGM. Following the supper, we began the meeting. First, our president Fran Thoburn gave the President’s Report (see blog below).

The following reports were presented by members of the Board:
Financial – Trudy Aldridge
Water – Dorothy Clippingdale
Health – Meg Sylvester
Coffee Nights – John Pope
Snakes in the Grass – Joan Russow
Website – Robert Cory
Membership – Roberta Cory
Outreach – Barbara Mitchell-Pollock

The election was then facilitated by Freda Knott. The following changes to the existing Board have occured:
Fran Thoburn stepped down as president but will remain on the Board.
Joan Russow stepped down from the Board.
John Pope and Nana Sakamoto stepped down from the Board.
Michael Aldridge and Alex Batko joined the Board.

The 2009-10 Board of Directors consist of:
Trudy Aldridge
Mike Aldridge
Alex Batko
Roberta Cory
Robert Cory
Jess Gunnarson
Neil Mlussell
Barbara Mitchell Pollock
Linda Siegel
Meg Sylvester
Fran Thoburn

Finally, there was a timely talk by Harjap Grewal, the Council’s regional organizer for BC-Yukon, about the current financial meltdown that we have experienced in the last few months which was brought about by the failure of capitalism. The US crisis became the World crisis because of deregulations of corporations and the financial system. Corporations are not democratic and our governments have acted as a social administrator for corporations. Harjap stressed that we are at a critical juncture and we need to empower municipalities and communities in order to achieve a just society. He summed up by pointing out that we are told “there is no alternative”. However, THERE IS AN ALTERNATIVE and it is up to all of us to make it happen by starting in our communities.

Trudy Aldridge