Canada won’t follow U.S. plan to cut greenhouse gases

2010 November 28, by Chapter Council

When the Canadian government claims it is waiting for the US government to act so it can “harmonize” its climate change mitigation policies, it is not telling the truth, or there’s some other meaning of harmony that we are not aware of.

The Harper government has no plans to follow a U.S. initiative to slash the greenhouse gas emissions of big polluters.

Canada won’t align with the U.S. even though even though Ottawa has pledged to harmonize its climate policies with the Americans.

The new U.S. rules, which go into effect in January, are aimed at curbing emissions from large industrial facilities like refineries and cement factories

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What do you think? This seems rather weasely to me, no? Let’s talk about this, and other things at the People’s Assembly on Devember 8th.