The Victoria Chapter is now on Facebook and Twitter!

2009 May 29, by Chapter Council

We now have a Facebook group, “Council of Canadians, Victoria, BC Chapter” and a Twitter account, “cocvic”. To access these features, go to our website:
and click on the “f” button on the left side of the home page for Facebook or the “t” button for Twitter.

Facebook is much more interactive than our relatively static website, and Facebook also allows sharing of information among a large group of Facebook users, as well as online discussions between group members.

Twitter is a service that provides a way to produce fast and concise “microblogs”, very short statements about things that are happening, for example.

One big advantage of both Facebook and Twitter is that they have a huge number of subscribers, allowing us to reach a vast audience of people, both Council of Canadians members who are on Facebook and potential members, as well.

In addition, since other chapters, as well as the national organization, have Facebook groups themselves, Facebook provides an easy way for all of these to communicate rapidly across Canada and thus learn about all of the activities that all of the chapters and the Council as a whole are doing.

In addition, hundreds of organizations related to the Council and working on the same issues are also on Facebook, generating a huge network of activists all in touch with one another.

Welcome to the age of social networking!