People power! Juan de Fuca resort decision delayed

2011 September 09, by Chapter Council

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Breaking! Mike Hicks, Chair of Land Use Committee A, is voting to deny the proposal. This is huge news, more to come. The vote is now 3-2 in favour of the proposal, so it is not over yet. 

Mike Hicks says he came to his conclusion after hearing from the public over three nights of public hearings…
“There is little support for a resort development of any size on that land, and I intend to represent the public’s wishes, as is my job, and uh, vote and recommend to deny the application”

Thanks to people like you who came to the public meetings in passionate numbers, and over 200 of you spoke against this unwise, precedent setting and unnecessary sprawl development, the decision has been postponed to next week.  The media coverage has been overwhelming, and the people involved are starting to feel the heat.

“Juan de Fuca resort plan decried, vilified majority of people at public hearing speak against controversial proposal”

Saanich resident Mehdi Najari got one of the most vocal responses of the night after he brought up the fact that the CRD could end up suing itself. “Are you crazy?” he shouted.

Times Colonist – September 7, 2011

Even if the proposal to build a tourist resort on 236 hectares is approved, it still has to return to the Capital Regional District board for final adoption in November – just before the municipal elections. “If that happens, it’s fair to say it might become something of a politicized discussion,” CRD chairman Geoff Young said.

Times Colonist – September 9, 2011

Read this report from the Wilderness Committee about the overwhelming show of opposition to this rezoning, and the historic extension to a third day of the public hearings. This is the time to continue to let people on the CRD board know that you are opposed to this proposal. Remember that many of them agree that this proposal should not go forward, but are being stymied by unfair rules that leave a decision affecting the entire region in the hands of five people.

CRD director Vic Derman will ask the entire board to vote that the proposal contravenes the regional growth strategy and should be dismissed before even going to the October meeting. If that doesn’t happen, it will go to the October meeting for decision on first and second reading. It would then return to the CRD on Nov. 9 for final reading. The municipal elections take place Nov. 19.

This is the time to let the CRD board know that this sprawl proposal clearly violates the CRD’s regional growth strategy and must be stopped. Here is the link ( to contact information for all board members.  Let them know that you want the entire board to vote that this rezoning contravenes the regional growth strategy. Our councillors are sensitive to unpopular decisions like this, especially around election time. Let them know that you care about the Juan de Fuca park and do not want it ruined by sprawl development.