Call to artists: "communities in resistance and the art of solidarity"

Looking ahead to Autumn on the West Coast

2014 August 07, by Jessica Johnston

The meetings have been happening over beer and wine lately. Our local members have been active doing important things like:

And, of course we’re stunned by the environmental and human catastrophe unfolding in the interior right now.

We’re looking toward the fall and MJAC is having an art show in solidarity with people impacted by Canadian mining companies. If you’re an artist, and you want to be involved, get in touch with the Mining Justice Action Committee.

We’re not entirely sure how we’re going to prioritize our time and activities yet. We’ve been thinking for some time of doing a fundraiser for Raven Legal Trust. We know that we want to support the struggle that Indigenous people are in have their Indigenous land rights respected. The trick for us is to do this in a respectful and supportive way.

Do you have ideas of what we should do? Let us know.