long time supporters show us how to get petitions signed at Seedy Saturday

Seedy Saturday 2013

2013 April 07, by Sherwin Arnott

We set up a booth at Seedy Saturday back in February. It’s something we’ve done for a number of years. This is only my second year attending – it was at the Convention Centre and it was fantastic.

For the record, I’m not a gardener. Not really. I grow kale. That’s pretty much it. But I admire gardeners. And as a very good friend reminded me recently, growing food is a radical political act. It’s worth noting that my friend was reminded of this recently by Dr. Vandana Shiva.

And largely that’s what impresses me about Seedy Saturday. Community members get together to talk and share ideas and exchange seeds.

Now we weren’t there as the Victoria Chapter of the Council of Canadians to share seeds. Well, we did buy seeds, and many of the other members are much more passionate about actually growing plants (I actually did buy carrot seeds, but not for me). We were there to connect with people that share our interests and our values. And we were there to collect signatures for our petition about fracking. Both of these endeavours were successful.

And we had fun. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget this. I mention this because I was recently asked if we have fun on the local council. And my first response was no. But it’s not true. Seedy Saturday was a blast, and I look forward to being there next year, connecting and sharing and learning.