Say no to Bil C-38

BlackOut SpeakOut: June 4

2012 June 01, by Sherwin Arnott

Over 100 organizations across Canada are blacking out their websites on Monday, June 4th, as a symbolic protest in opposition to the Federal Budget. Organizations including, the David Suzuki Foundation, Sierra Club of Canada, the WWF, and the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment, are rising together to say as one that silence is not an option.

The Council of Canadians will join with them to oppose the changes in law, proposed by the Conservative Party of Canada, that are buried in a 400 page bill, Bill C-38, that is more than a budget. With this omnibus bill, dramatic cuts and changes to environmental laws would stop those who work to protect the environment from being able to do their jobs.

Bill C-38 makes substantial and far reaching changes to a range of laws including the environmental review processes, immigration law, the Fisheries act, and US-Canada border policy, access to information, and jobs and pensions.

On Monday we will be blacking out our website to speak out against this bill, in defense of core Canadian Values: nature and democracy.

For more information about this action, check out You can also follow the conversation on Twitter at #blackoutspeakout.

Say no to Bil C-38