Idle no more

Idle no more action: Join in January 11 1 PM

2013 January 11, by Chapter Council

The Council of Canadians Victoria Chapter is privileged to support Idle No More actions happening here in Coast Salish territories and all over Canada. Victoria’s Idle No More event is at City Hall, 1 PM January 11th as part of a global day of action. We stand in solidarity with the brave people like Chief Theresa Spence on hunger strike, and the thousands of activists participating. We will protest with you.

This grassroots movement is a culmination of centuries of colonization and the ongoing neglect of First Nation-Canadian government relationships by the Canadian government. Recent Conservative omnibus bills making unilateral changes to First Nations’ governance and eviscerating environmental protections in unceded and treaty bound lands have made matters worse. First Nations people now face most of the burdens of resource development in their lands without the money that goes to mining companies and to the Canadian government. Overlaid with this degradation is the ongoing racism against First Nations people.

Chelsey Vowel, a Metis from Plains Cree in Alberta has some of the best background and explanations on the history of First Nations-Settler relations, the promises broken, and where we go from here.

The truth is, the status quo isn’t working, and contrary to what you may believe, the status quo is colonialism. This is something many people have recognised over the years as they have examined the history and the current reality the relationship between indigenous peoples and Canada.

Idle No More: No Justice, No Peace

We urge everyone to attend this rally and urge your elected politicians to come to the table honestly to dialogue.

Idle no more