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2018 January 21, by Chapter Council

P1210790The Victoria Chapter of the Council of Canadians co-sponsored the Women’s March attended by hundreds on January 20th. Barbara spoke for the Chapter and promoted the Council of Canadian’s ‘Trump not welcome’ petition which has been getting a huge response across Canada.

The online petition to keep Trump out of Canada has already gathered over 15,000 signatures.

The signatories are united in opposition to President Trump and his entering Canada to attend the upcoming G7 summit (a highly problematic and undemocratic body in of itself), set to take place June 8-9, at a remote, luxury resort in Quebec. P1210965All seven national leaders are expected to attend, including President Trump in his first official visit to Canada.

“This petition is an opportunity for all of us to say that Donald Trump isn’t welcome here,” says Brent Patterson, Political Director of the Council of Canadians. “We reject his racist characterization of Haiti and other countries, his misogynist views, his failure to unequivocally condemn white supremacist hate, his racist travel ban that targeted Muslims, his characterization of climate change as a hoax, and his characterization of Mexican immigrants as criminals.”

PetitionPeople power may have already stopped Trump from visiting Canada and the UK. After almost 100,000 people across Canada participated in Women’s Marches in January 2017, media reports indicated that Trump declined a meeting in Canada over concerns about potential protests of a visit. Similarly, Trump recently cancelled a planned visit to the UK following public outcry.

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Women’s March Victoria Photos by Penny Tennenhouse