REDD ignores primary causes of forest destruction

A new study by Jeremy Rayner, a professor at the University of Saskatchewan Graduate School of Public Policy and chair of the panel of the International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO) suggests that REDD and REDD++, the UN’s preferred program for using forests to offset climate change, will not work. Our findings suggest that disregarding […]

Carbon Capture and Storage is a false solution

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is the cornerstone of Canada’s clean energy plan. You talk to “clean coal” and tarsands apologists, they tell you not to worry about CO2 emissions because they can be buried away underground for thousands of years without leaking back into the air. For the best example of this spin, look no […]

BC’s political parties are in flux, get involved!

You might be aware that both of BC’s major parties are currently in the process of selecting new leaders. As Organizing for Change points out, this is a unique opportunity to have your voice be heard in the process. We have reproduced their message in full below. Join a party, make sure that voices of […]

Action Alert! Dec 15 Coal for Coell

Victoria’s Chapter of the Wilderness Committee would like to remind British Columbia’s new Environment Minister Mr. Murray Coell that his government has been naughty this year in trying to push the Raven Coal mine (pdf) in Comox valley through environmental assessment. On December 15th we are sending stockings full of coal to our elected representatives […]

Maude Barlow: Market-Based Solutions will continue Earth’s Destruction

Maude Barlow: With Only Market-Based Solutions on the Table “The Continued Destruction of the Earth…Can Go on Quite Happily”. Democracy Now talks with Maude Barlow in Cancun about the COP16 Climate talks in Cancun. The market will not solve this problem, we need a much more comprehensive program of direct government regulation, relocalization of our […]

International March for Social and Environmental Justice in Mexico

YouTube – International March for Social and Environmental Justice in Mexico. While the governments talk, and Canada actively sabotages the talks, activists demand more. Maude Barlow, Brent Patterson, Andrea Harden-Donahue and some other tireless activists from the Council of Canadians were at this march. The disconnect between what the world’s people want, and what these […]

People’s Assembly Update and Cam Gray

If you’re not already excited about the People’s Assembly next week, here’s something for you. Cam Gray and Maggie Knight, with the Canadian Youth Delegation to Cancun will be joining us (time and technology permitting) via skype to give us a live update on climate justice issues from the climate summit in Cancun. More about […]

Canada won’t follow U.S. plan to cut greenhouse gases

When the Canadian government claims it is waiting for the US government to act so it can “harmonize” its climate change mitigation policies, it is not telling the truth, or there’s some other meaning of harmony that we are not aware of. The Harper government has no plans to follow a U.S. initiative to slash […]

Join us for a people’s assembly on climate justice

Are you eager to talk to like minded people about grassroots ground up action on climate change? An event co-organized by the Council of Canadians, Victoria Chapter, KAIROS, (and more) December 8th, Evening, 6:30 PM First Metropolitan United Church, 932 Balmoral Road, Victoria, Coast Salish Territory Here’s the facebook link for the event, please invite […]