Partial map of Pierre Poutine's travels

How Pierre Poutine covered his tracks

2012 December 12, by Sherwin Arnott

Last night, we had a coffee house meeting about the Election Fraud legal cases being tried in Ottawa currently. It was a good event and people are hungry to understand what voter suppression phone calls are, and how we know the calls were widespread and targeted.

There were, however, quite a few questions about Pierre Poutine that we weren’t really able to answer very well. It’s my understanding that the voter suppression phone calls that went out in Guelph were a significant reason why we even bothered to notice the calls elsewhere. The fraudulent calls in Guelph were noticed, and they caused us to pay proper attention to complaints in other ridings that were less obvious and less concentrated. But there were complaints in hundreds of ridings, and research showed they were targeted at non-Conservative voters.

But who was Pierre Poutine? And how did they remain anonymous? Here’s part of the answer: