Coffee Night Speaker: Arthur Caldicott

2010 March 12, by Chapter Council

“Vancouver Island’s Watersheds in Peril”

Date: Tuesday, March 23, 2010
Time: 7:00 – 9:15 p.m.
Place: BCGEU, 2994 Douglas St.

Arthur Caldicott is an analyst of energy and mining issues in British Columbia. His
research, writing and presentations focus on the environmental, health, and public interest
aspects of those issues, as well as the economic considerations.
A company proposing a project will come to a community selling jobs and taxes as the
local benefits which will accrue from its pipeline, or mine, or mall. The company will
minimize the environmental impacts, avoid the fact that most of the jobs last only as long
as the construction period, and that the real economic benefits flow to its shareholders.
Caldicott tells the other side of the story – the parts the company is less keen to talk
Using thoroughly researched and verifiable information, his writing and
presentations are balanced and credible. He is an insightful and engaging speaker.
Twenty years as an IT professional, and ten years as an energy analyst have equipped
Caldicott with an understanding of what motivates business (it is the profit motive, of
course, but informed and nuanced by complex factors), and how our governments
frequently seem to confuse the corporate interest for the public interest. Communities get good information clearly presented – and are then better equipped to make informed
A sampling of Arthur Caldicott’s work is available at Please
contact him at 250-384-5551 or

Recent article by Arthur Caldicott:
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