CRD Defers Juan de Fuca Development Vote

2011 May 17, by Chapter Council

As you may know already, there is considerable tension between the CRD, which wants the region to grow sustainably, and the Juan de Fuca Land use committee, which appears to put developer needs ahead of public welfare. This came to a head with massive public opposition to Ender Ilkay’s outsized 250+ vacation homes in rural land. This A Channel report is a good summary of what is going on with the issue. The CRD has been greatly strengthened by the overwhelming and organized support for their actions, and against sprawl.

This issue is probably back at the CRD next month (Wednesday June 8, 1:30 pm at 625 Fisgard.) Zoe Blunt at the Forest Action Network, has, in conjunction with the Wilderness Committee, the Dogwood Initiative and some support from the Council of Canadians, been coordinating the efforts so far.

Remember to pressure the provincial politicians, and congratulate the CRD, which is fighting hard to ensure that we all have a say in how our region develops. Government is not a monolithic structure, and many people in various levels of government support our efforts at sustainable growth. But we need to keep showing our support so they can be strong as well.