Ask The City of Victoria to Say NO! To Nestle

2011 June 21, by Chapter Council

Marianne Alto, Victoria City Councillor, who introduced and shepherded a resolution through the governance committee of the whole to make Victoria Canada’s second blue Community, posted a note this morning about Nestle lobbying the City of Victoria. A short excerpt is posted here.

Marianne Alto Facebook Note

This morning I arrived at my office to find an email letter from the Director of Corporate Affairs at Nestle Water Canada. He has respectfully requested that the City of Victoria not ban the sale of bottled water in our facilities.

He says bottled water doesn’t compete with tap water. Yet Statistics Canada says 1 in 5 Canadians now drink bottled water exclusively, 1 in 3 as their primary source of drinking water. That removing bottled water from vending machines in city facilities will leave consumers with no choice but less healthy beverages, or no beverages at all. How about consumers drink our high quality tap water from the fountains at the pool?

It is more important than ever to not let Nestle have the only say here. Remember to contact the Mayor and Council and let them know that you support the Blue Community resolution.

But locals, who know Victoria better, have something different to say. The Victoria Times Colonist came out unwaveringly in support of the Blue Community Resolution

Victoria city council has decided to lead by example, banning the sale of bottled water at its facilities.

Councillors backed a motion by Coun. Marianne Alto that designates the city a “blue community,” one that supports publicly owned water supplies, bans bottled water at civic facilities and recognizes water as a basic human right.

At times, bottled water makes sense. But most of the time, we are buying bottles simply for the sake of convenience. And it’s time to admit that the cost is too high.

Victoria Times Colonist – Dumping Bottled Water

Here’s a letter we authored to the Victoria City Council in conjunction with CUPE Local 50 explaining our position on the Blue Community Resolution and pointing out some errors in Nestle’s misinformation package.

Stay tuned, and join us on Thursday!